Living Life As An Adventure !!

Living Life As An Adventure !!

Warrior Dash 2017


Yes this happened on a gorgeous Florida Saturday on February 11, 2017!  I share these pictures and this post with you because believe it or not I once was so depressed that I could not even dream of doing something like this!! I was afraid of everything and this would have certainly heightened my anxiety level to the max!!  BUT…

BUT thank God that He has healed me of my debilitating depression and now I LOVE life and am a healthy active, adventure seeking strong daughter of the KING.  Yup, my baby was just around 3 years old and my oldest was around 8 and I was suffering from such severe depression that going to the mall was a mountain I could not climb.  Going to Disney, the happiest place on earth, caused me severe anxiety.

Nowadays, when I go do all these “crazy adventures” the Lord will remind me, “remember when this was a daunting thing for you to even consider? ”  I love it when He reminds me from where He has rescued me from!! It is a healthy reminder that makes me appreciate my life EVERYDAY!  Never forget!! This is why I LOVE my LORD and SAVIOR so much.  Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can see Him reaching down from Heaven and lifting me up from a  garbage filled pit that was my life before I truly understood who HE was and then HE taught me who I was in HIM!  Brothers and Sisters, the love our Father has for us is beyond what we can think, I know I can’t even wrap my mind around it sometimes.  And that’s OK because the love I experience with my Lord here in this life overwhelms me all the time.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, OCD, or any other type of mental illness, take heart, HE who created you loves you and wishes to heal your mind and restore your life!  Many don’t like to talk about or even admit they have wrestled with this disease, but If we don’t talk about it how can you have HOPE?!  Believe me when I tell you that God wants you to live a free and abundant life.  Free from the strongholds that keep us bond.  Here are some books you can read to start you on your healing journey.

  1. The Bible (all lives questions are answered in the bible!)
  2. Loved Like Never Before Discovering the Father Heart of God by Ken Symington
  3. Healing Through Deliverance by Peter Horrobin

I leave you with these beautiful words from scripture – Psalm 139:13-16

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made: your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.  When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”  Amen!

You are Loved Beloved !

RM Sorg


FDA Proposes Sweeping New Food Safety Rules


Would be good if rules were straight across the board for EVERYONE. Not just the small farmer they are trying to shut down because they aren’t selling GMO’s to the people… Or raiding raw milk farmers cause it’s better to drink the milk from large, corporate run farms with chemically infested milk from over-drugged cows!! Or wait, tax the hell out of the organic farmers who are trying to grow clean food for their family and communities!!

CBS Denver

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration on Friday proposed the most sweeping food safety rules in decades, requiring farmers and food companies to be more vigilant in the wake of deadly outbreaks in peanuts, cantaloupe and leafy greens.

The long-overdue regulations could cost businesses close to half a billion dollars a year to implement, but are expected to reduce the estimated 3,000 deaths a year from foodborne illness. Just since last summer, outbreaks of listeria in cheese and salmonella in peanut butter, mangoes and cantaloupe have been linked to more than 400 illnesses and as many as seven deaths, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The actual number of those sickened is likely much higher.

The FDA’s proposed rules would require farmers to take new precautions against contamination, to include making sure workers’ hands are washed, irrigation water is clean, and that animals stay…

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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!



So, do you all remember the infamous Marilyn Monroe movie with the same name sake as my blogs title?  I love older cinema & so yes, I love this movie.  Anyway, that is not the reason for my quick post.  The reason is a much more important one!  Ok, so I was searching the blogosphere and I came across this Article which got me all excited.  Because even though I am a low maintenance girl (husband rofl in the background) I still do love diamonds!  So, the wheels in my head started turning and I because so excited to share this with all my ladies and fellows too.  So here it goes! Are you ready? Pay attention…

Macy’s is going to be holding a contest to take place on Twitter and the rules are (drumroll).  Anyone who tweets love notes of 140 characters or less on said social media platform between February 1st thru 13th, which must include the #hashtag “#sweetesttweets” in the love note will be eligible to win a Diamond Pendant Set on February 14.  But wait, there’s more (can you believe it?).  They proceed to include this tiny but oh so delicious detail, “Everyone who tweeted with said #hashtag will be entered to win the grand prize of a Diamond Ring!

I can’t stand it!! So, best wishes to all and if you don’t win the diamond pendant, there is always the diamond ring to fall back on.  May the best twitter-ette Win!  May you all have an amazing, inexpensive and unforgettable Valentine’s Day 2010, Macy’s Style! Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome…


Life is Good in more ways than one!

by RMSorg

by RMSorg

I always think and say this out loud, “We are very fortunate to live where we do and to have what we have. Many people would consider our  life style that of royalty. ”  My children just roll their eyes at me because they don’t understand what I’m trying to convey to them, yet.  They are shielded from all the horrors of the world, the sadness, sickness and devastation that comes from living in conditions unfit for any human being.  Recent events in our banking and real estate industries have forced us, Americans to be plagued with poverty, homelessness and sickness as well.

Our family members, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens are loosing their jobs, their homes, their health insurance and life savings because of the condition of our economy!  This scares me and motivates me to help, in a small way, but help none the less.   So when I read an article in the local newspaper that stated how one of our local community events was going to help local families struggling to survive, I was thrilled!

The event was called “The Pumpkin Fest” and the event was being coordinated by a company called Life is Good .  The festival had many activities and games but what mattered to me was simple.  Every time someone tossed a disc, they would be helping a disadvantaged family in Tampa toss their problems away.  Every time someone carved a pumpkin they would be helping a single mom or dad start a new life.  How exciting that you could go out and enjoy a nice family evening playing games with your children and carving pumpkins, knowing that in your enjoyment, you were bringing a new hope to families in need, a mom and dad struggling to provide for their children.  That is Sweet to me!

So, when I saw these beautiful rows of  Carved Pumpkins I was overwhelmed with joy for all the families that these pumpkins represented! What a night!  A wonderful time was had by all while contributing to a great cause!  And I really did appreciate all the talent that was on display that night!

Have you been visited by  Life is Good lately?? Contributing made my family feel good, even if it was in a small way.  Share your contributions with me, I’m excited to hear what everyone is doing to help in their own way!

The Happy Fisherman err boy!


The Happy Fisherman err Boy!My son and his dad use to fish on and off for years.  He never really has been extra excited or enthused about fishing until this year.  This year, he is 10 years old and he wants to fish every evening with his dad  and grandfather.

I love the idea of them fishing together for many reasons but the one that inspired me to write this blog  is very poignant and fresh in my mind.  It was early morning, too early for him to be up, and he was on the phone with his grandfather.  I could hear the excitement in his voice as he reiterated the prior evenings catch.  The conversation lasted for a while and I didn’t think much as I hear him speak so excited to his grandfather.  As time went by, I walked by him, eavesdropping on the conversation.  I too was caught up in the details and then I realized what was going on.  That moment of clarity brought a large smile to my face.

Here they were, never really speaking the same language, except for these precious evenings spent fishing with his grandfather and his dad.  I realized that he would carry these memories with him for the rest of his life.  But more importantly, in a time of  the internet and high technology video games etc.  my son had found something to speak to his grandfather about that they both could understand.  A language they both could speak, a common ground, a bonding time, a special “manly” time that I couldn’t provide for my boy no matter how much I wanted to.

I rejoiced because for years I’ve encouraged my children to have open communications with their grandparents.  To call them several times a week to say “Hi, how are you doing.”  But children, apparently, are very busy and have their own agenda.  For my son, it’s playing video games, building websites, watching Japanese cartoons, playing outside and the list goes on!

So, listening to this particular conversation, brought so much joy to my heart.  I know that my father in law is loving every minute of  this new phase he is having with his grandson and I rejoice for it and I encourage it and I pray for it!

In a world were there is so much disconnect because of wide generational and technological gaps this is a special time in my son’s life and I’m beyond happy that he has found it.  I’ve always liked fishing on a personal level but after this summer I will appreciate and love fishing for one more special reason!

Thank you for letting me share and please feel free to post any special “memories” you are making with your children and grandchildren.