Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!




So, do you all remember the infamous Marilyn Monroe movie with the same name sake as my blogs title?  I love older cinema & so yes, I love this movie.  Anyway, that is not the reason for my quick post.  The reason is a much more important one!  Ok, so I was searching the blogosphere and I came across this Article which got me all excited.  Because even though I am a low maintenance girl (husband rofl in the background) I still do love diamonds!  So, the wheels in my head started turning and I because so excited to share this with all my ladies and fellows too.  So here it goes! Are you ready? Pay attention…

Macy’s is going to be holding a contest to take place on Twitter and the rules are (drumroll).  Anyone who tweets love notes of 140 characters or less on said social media platform between February 1st thru 13th, which must include the #hashtag “#sweetesttweets” in the love note will be eligible to win a Diamond Pendant Set on February 14.  But wait, there’s more (can you believe it?).  They proceed to include this tiny but oh so delicious detail, “Everyone who tweeted with said #hashtag will be entered to win the grand prize of a Diamond Ring!

I can’t stand it!! So, best wishes to all and if you don’t win the diamond pendant, there is always the diamond ring to fall back on.  May the best twitter-ette Win!  May you all have an amazing, inexpensive and unforgettable Valentine’s Day 2010, Macy’s Style! Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome…



About RM Sorg

Hello everyone, I'm trying to be as transparent as I can possibly be. My greatest blessings in life are my two beautiful children. I'm a Social Media Diva trying to balance a healthy relationship with God, my husband, my children and my work! I love organic, green products and am dedicated to being a great example to my children by teaching them how to recycle and refurbish so that our impact on this planet is minimal. My grandchildren should be able to see, experience and feel nature and appreciate it the way I do and those before me did!

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