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A Lifestyle Change….Is Hard!



So this past week has been an interesting week to say the least.  My husband and I generally eat very healthy but the more we are around friends and different types of people, we find that we have relaxed our eating habits in a major way.  We are consuming things like chips, lots and lots of sugar and it’s not good for our digestive systems nor our waistlines.

So this past weekend was our son’s birthday and we stuffed our faces with very yummy donuts…  If you are NOT used to eating this stuff it can really wreak havoc on your health and we are feeling it.  Our sleeping patterns are not consistent, our tummy woes are increasing.  I am having to take my apple cider concoction twice a day instead of first thing in the morning and my poor hubby isn’t happy with his expanding waistline either.      So as Passover approaches we are taking this time to STOP and RESET our eating habits.  I have friends who have done the Whole 30 and love it.  They felt better, look better and are all around healthier because of it.  BUT….. When I heard that there is NO DAIRY, I must confess I dragged my feet because I LOVE CHEESE!! Thus I have been taking my sweet time in read the book.  But in lieu of fasting for Passover, we have decided to clean our homes of yeast, carbs, sugar and all the other food that holds very little nutritional value.  We started yesterday and I will tell you that I had a headache all day (after my gorging on donuts all weekend) and my poor husband had absolutely NO ENERGY by evening time.  We have to stick to this change because it will help us to STOP, RESET AND BREAK SOME UNHEALTHY HABITS WE HAVE PICKED UP ALONG THE WAY.  Like drinking our creamer with some coffee!! haha Yes, my husband literally drank his coffee white!  The other thing I don’t like is that you can’t even chew gum!  Yes NO GUM ALLOWED.   Despite all that I must stick to this for 30 days!  Why?  Because I use to make better choices with my food!  I use to juice ALL the time!  We ate fruits and veggies all the time with low fat proteins.  What happened?  Why did we so easily give in to the junk foods that hold no benefits for us? I am not sure why we have thrown it all away and given in to unhealthy eating  habits but it’s about to change!

As we go on this Whole 30 journey for 30 days, I want to challenge you to use this time before Easter and clean out your cupboards of things that make you sick and sluggish.  Remove the junk that offers ZERO nutritional value to your body and REPLACE it with one thing that is healthy.  Small steps lead to BIG changes!  I encourage you to join me in putting your health first.  After all, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit!  Would you feed Jesus McDonalds?  Ewww, I hope not.. But at one time I did and I was a very unhappy and unhealthy girl!

SHARE your story if you have done the Whole 30 or are in the process of going through it.  Any TIPS, SUGGESTIONS would be so helpful and appreciated!  Let’s HELP ONE ANOTHER because deciding to be healthy and eat healthier is NOT an easy choice as donuts and chips and pastries and bread and carbs are ALL AROUND YOU! 

Blessings Beloved!

RM Sorg