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What Happens In Times of Trouble?



Our family has had an interesting couple of weeks to say the least.  My MIL, whom I sometimes do Facebook #LiveStreams with, because she is so cute, fell.  Her fall WAS NOT just a normal fall.  Because she has dementia and has had it for about 6 years (each year progressing more and more) she does NOT have normal reflexes. When she falls, the falls are bad because she doesn’t put her hands out like you or I would.  So this fall was completely absorbed by her left shoulder and left side of her head!  Ouch!!

So one hour before I am set to go to a concert that I had been looking forward for a couple of weeks I get a call from my husband super upset telling me what the doctors had told him.. His mom had two holes on the top of her head and needed to be air lifted to the hospital in Tampa because it specialized in trauma and was better equipped to treat her.  They knew she would need to have surgery in her brain to either relieve the blood already there or operate to STOP any further bleeding.  Needless to say, I left work and rushed to meet my husband, son and father in law at the hospital.  As I was traveling to the hospital I was in prayer for my mother in law.  Even though I don’t remember the exact words I prayed, I remember saying, “God, the doctors say one think but You have the final word God and You are the best physician.”

Upon arrival at the hospital we had to wait for the staff make sure that she could be seen and for the nurse to come and take us to her since she was in the trauma unit.  As you can imagine, all this was extremely stressful for all of us!! But I did notice something remarkable.. What is the word I am looking for?  A remarkable peace in me, one that I have not had before in these types of situations.  You know the ones where someone you love is hurting or hurt and there is absolutely nothing you can do!!  I have been here before and I would just completely freak out!! But not today?  Today I had peace and I decided that I was going to turn to my Heavenly Father FIRST.  I was going to remain in that space, that place of PEACE.  It is truly a remarkable place because I was able to just sit there and OBSERVE everyone else and focus on what the nurses (primarily ) at this point where saying.  As I watched my family, I could see the stress, the fear of the unknown.  I looked at my father in law and seriously thought he was about to be admitted himself from the sheer look of worry and stress on his face!! I remember just waiting and praying and waiting and listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Just then the nurse came in and as she updated us on what was happening, we watched her, eagerly awaiting Some Good News!   But that never came, she proceeded to tell us that my MIL would need not one but two surgeries and that as an older dementia patient, the anesthesia would NOT be good for her because of her dementia.  The head surgery was also NOT a good thing because it can speed up her dementia.  So there we where waiting for the neurosurgeon to come and tell us the bad news!  Just then I felt prompted to pray for my MIL with my whole family.  And that is exactly what we did!  We prayed a fervent prayer trusting that God would heal her head and she Would NOT need surgery in her head!  We prayed for healing to come in the Name of Jesus.  We prayed that HE is the ultimate physician and could heal her and it didn’t matter what anyone else had said before then.  Could God do a miracle for her?  Would HE?

Well my friends I am here to share with you that HE indeed did do a miracle that Thursday night right before our eyes!  She went from needing two surgeries because she also shattered her humerus bone to not needing the neurosurgeon to operate on her head NOR needing shoulder surgery as they said that her bone could heal on its own.  I don’t know about you but during times of trouble I made a choice.  I choose to go to my Heavenly Father in prayer.  To sit still and listen to what He has to say and to believe that I have a BIG, BIG GOD THAT ANSWERS PRAYERS AND DOES MIRACLES!!

PS My MIL is currently in rehab and we are praying for a complete recovery so that she can come home soon and be with the ones that love her to pieces!  Thank you for letting me share with you the times and circumstances that increase my faith and trust in GOD!

Blessings Beloved!

RM Sorg