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A Lifestyle Change….Is Hard!



So this past week has been an interesting week to say the least.  My husband and I generally eat very healthy but the more we are around friends and different types of people, we find that we have relaxed our eating habits in a major way.  We are consuming things like chips, lots and lots of sugar and it’s not good for our digestive systems nor our waistlines.

So this past weekend was our son’s birthday and we stuffed our faces with very yummy donuts…  If you are NOT used to eating this stuff it can really wreak havoc on your health and we are feeling it.  Our sleeping patterns are not consistent, our tummy woes are increasing.  I am having to take my apple cider concoction twice a day instead of first thing in the morning and my poor hubby isn’t happy with his expanding waistline either.      So as Passover approaches we are taking this time to STOP and RESET our eating habits.  I have friends who have done the Whole 30 and love it.  They felt better, look better and are all around healthier because of it.  BUT….. When I heard that there is NO DAIRY, I must confess I dragged my feet because I LOVE CHEESE!! Thus I have been taking my sweet time in read the book.  But in lieu of fasting for Passover, we have decided to clean our homes of yeast, carbs, sugar and all the other food that holds very little nutritional value.  We started yesterday and I will tell you that I had a headache all day (after my gorging on donuts all weekend) and my poor husband had absolutely NO ENERGY by evening time.  We have to stick to this change because it will help us to STOP, RESET AND BREAK SOME UNHEALTHY HABITS WE HAVE PICKED UP ALONG THE WAY.  Like drinking our creamer with some coffee!! haha Yes, my husband literally drank his coffee white!  The other thing I don’t like is that you can’t even chew gum!  Yes NO GUM ALLOWED.   Despite all that I must stick to this for 30 days!  Why?  Because I use to make better choices with my food!  I use to juice ALL the time!  We ate fruits and veggies all the time with low fat proteins.  What happened?  Why did we so easily give in to the junk foods that hold no benefits for us? I am not sure why we have thrown it all away and given in to unhealthy eating  habits but it’s about to change!

As we go on this Whole 30 journey for 30 days, I want to challenge you to use this time before Easter and clean out your cupboards of things that make you sick and sluggish.  Remove the junk that offers ZERO nutritional value to your body and REPLACE it with one thing that is healthy.  Small steps lead to BIG changes!  I encourage you to join me in putting your health first.  After all, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit!  Would you feed Jesus McDonalds?  Ewww, I hope not.. But at one time I did and I was a very unhappy and unhealthy girl!

SHARE your story if you have done the Whole 30 or are in the process of going through it.  Any TIPS, SUGGESTIONS would be so helpful and appreciated!  Let’s HELP ONE ANOTHER because deciding to be healthy and eat healthier is NOT an easy choice as donuts and chips and pastries and bread and carbs are ALL AROUND YOU! 

Blessings Beloved!

RM Sorg


Meet Ollie the Terrier Mix



Ollie the terrier entered my life 3 years ago as I was offered a Maltese/Shih Tzu puppy.  We had our little Shih Tzu baby Lola for about 9 years and the thought of having a puppy was just exciting!!  I remember going to my friend’s home and seeing the cutest little puppy I had ever seen.  He was black & white, had the softest pink fat belly and could hardly keep his eyes open.  He had puppy breath and the softest fur!  He would play hard for 15 minutes and then right there, pass out fast asleep because he was so tired!  He was an amazing puppy, easily crate trained, no issues with his skin (we had so many allergies and issues with our little Lola).  He slept on us all the time.  He especially LOVED sleeping on my husband’s neck (they love the warmth and security).  As he grew up he clearly had different behavior patterns than our Lola.  As it turned out he was in fact, A Maltese/Wire Haired Terrier Mix!  He was so different I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know his little traits as a breed and his personality!  BTW, NO TOY is safe around Ollie!  He destroys every toy we ever buy him..Is this normal for terriers?  I am just thankful it’s not shoes or socks!! 

He loves running with me when I run my 5K’s and he still doesn’t get tired.  He loves sleeping with his mommy and daddy and he absolutely LOVES watching other animals on TV.  It is so cute to watch him but he truly is engaged when he even hears the sound of another animal on!  He is so smart, we love watching him!  We love Lola but let’s be real she is a cat stuck in the body of a dog!  She never barked until Ollie came into her life and started barking at EVERYONE!  He loves his big sister so much, he plays with her, chases her around and when she tires she runs him off!! Lola is too old for that and definitely the alpha dog!!

If we are sitting anywhere Ollie has to be sitting near, on or around us! He is very territorial and doesn’t like strangers in his space.  Googling his traits online we learned terriers are very territorial.  I really, really love Shih Tzu’s but this little man has opened my heart to terriers and we just couldn’t love him anymore!  He is very expressive and knows when we are asking him if he wants a “treat” or a “greenie.”  He loves going on adventures with us (he loves playing at the beach).  Lola is just too old and will not have any of that!  She plants her behind down and this eight pounder CAN NOT be moved!

If you have a dog or cat in your life that just adds JOY and RICHNESS to your life please post a picture of him or her below in Comments.  I would lOVE to meet them and introduce them to Ollie the terrier!  BTW, Ollie and Lola are on Instagram and Ollie has his own board on Pinterest .  Follow them!

Anyway last week’s blog post subject was so serious I wanted to lighten things up this week and introduce you to my fur babies!! Animals bring healing into our lives too, so enjoy your babies and love on them because they love you unconditionally.


Blessings my friends!

RM Sorg – Animal Lover!



Living Life As An Adventure !!

Living Life As An Adventure !!

Warrior Dash 2017


Yes this happened on a gorgeous Florida Saturday on February 11, 2017!  I share these pictures and this post with you because believe it or not I once was so depressed that I could not even dream of doing something like this!! I was afraid of everything and this would have certainly heightened my anxiety level to the max!!  BUT…

BUT thank God that He has healed me of my debilitating depression and now I LOVE life and am a healthy active, adventure seeking strong daughter of the KING.  Yup, my baby was just around 3 years old and my oldest was around 8 and I was suffering from such severe depression that going to the mall was a mountain I could not climb.  Going to Disney, the happiest place on earth, caused me severe anxiety.

Nowadays, when I go do all these “crazy adventures” the Lord will remind me, “remember when this was a daunting thing for you to even consider? ”  I love it when He reminds me from where He has rescued me from!! It is a healthy reminder that makes me appreciate my life EVERYDAY!  Never forget!! This is why I LOVE my LORD and SAVIOR so much.  Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can see Him reaching down from Heaven and lifting me up from a  garbage filled pit that was my life before I truly understood who HE was and then HE taught me who I was in HIM!  Brothers and Sisters, the love our Father has for us is beyond what we can think, I know I can’t even wrap my mind around it sometimes.  And that’s OK because the love I experience with my Lord here in this life overwhelms me all the time.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, OCD, or any other type of mental illness, take heart, HE who created you loves you and wishes to heal your mind and restore your life!  Many don’t like to talk about or even admit they have wrestled with this disease, but If we don’t talk about it how can you have HOPE?!  Believe me when I tell you that God wants you to live a free and abundant life.  Free from the strongholds that keep us bond.  Here are some books you can read to start you on your healing journey.

  1. The Bible (all lives questions are answered in the bible!)
  2. Loved Like Never Before Discovering the Father Heart of God by Ken Symington
  3. Healing Through Deliverance by Peter Horrobin

I leave you with these beautiful words from scripture – Psalm 139:13-16

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made: your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.  When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”  Amen!

You are Loved Beloved !

RM Sorg