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The Happy Fisherman err boy!


The Happy Fisherman err Boy!My son and his dad use to fish on and off for years.  He never really has been extra excited or enthused about fishing until this year.  This year, he is 10 years old and he wants to fish every evening with his dad  and grandfather.

I love the idea of them fishing together for many reasons but the one that inspired me to write this blog  is very poignant and fresh in my mind.  It was early morning, too early for him to be up, and he was on the phone with his grandfather.  I could hear the excitement in his voice as he reiterated the prior evenings catch.  The conversation lasted for a while and I didn’t think much as I hear him speak so excited to his grandfather.  As time went by, I walked by him, eavesdropping on the conversation.  I too was caught up in the details and then I realized what was going on.  That moment of clarity brought a large smile to my face.

Here they were, never really speaking the same language, except for these precious evenings spent fishing with his grandfather and his dad.  I realized that he would carry these memories with him for the rest of his life.  But more importantly, in a time of  the internet and high technology video games etc.  my son had found something to speak to his grandfather about that they both could understand.  A language they both could speak, a common ground, a bonding time, a special “manly” time that I couldn’t provide for my boy no matter how much I wanted to.

I rejoiced because for years I’ve encouraged my children to have open communications with their grandparents.  To call them several times a week to say “Hi, how are you doing.”  But children, apparently, are very busy and have their own agenda.  For my son, it’s playing video games, building websites, watching Japanese cartoons, playing outside and the list goes on!

So, listening to this particular conversation, brought so much joy to my heart.  I know that my father in law is loving every minute of  this new phase he is having with his grandson and I rejoice for it and I encourage it and I pray for it!

In a world were there is so much disconnect because of wide generational and technological gaps this is a special time in my son’s life and I’m beyond happy that he has found it.  I’ve always liked fishing on a personal level but after this summer I will appreciate and love fishing for one more special reason!

Thank you for letting me share and please feel free to post any special “memories” you are making with your children and grandchildren.